• Heavy Vehicle Spare Parts

  • Turbocharger Hoses

  • Hydraulic & Pneumatic Hoses

Quantum Spare Parts ( QSP ) is a supplier of heavy commercial vehicle spare parts in aftermarket.

QSP offers new product ranges suitable for trucks from Mercedes-Benz, BMC, Ford Cargo to European trucks.All of the product range is expanding according to our customers needs and market demands.We will be happy to become your future trade partner.

Quantum Spare Parts is a brand of KAZCIOGLU that has manufacturing and trading company in İzmir,Turkey. Our manufacturing company is about hydraulic and pneumatic hoses, tubes and fittings for commercial vehicles and more.

Kazcıoğlu Hidrolik Pnömatik Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti. was established in 1988 in İzmir, has been worked in various sectors. Such as heavy commercial vehicle industry, construction machines, agricultural machines, marines sector, equipments of vehicles and produces high pressure air, oil and fuel hoses, injection fuel supply pipes. Joining practical skill and theory that has been come from the past and 20 years of experience improve on our company with sure steps. Provide quality service and customer satisfaction is our target which has placed us an important place in sector.The purpose of our organization is always productivity, be constructive and work in cooperation with the organizations to provide benefits to society and industry.

Our company always support employees whom are the important role of company which reached this level today and stand behind every case, applies advances in technology to serve special solutions to customers. Gathered persons who are experts in their field, presents their knowledge and experiences for service of humanity as a goal and to provide more of these elements. Another important goal is to work in harmony with the teams in the organization and support all employees by training, promoting social opportunities and to provide more of their happiness.